King Boreas is a level 12 Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

King Boreas



Level 12
Difficulty Hard
Location Hiberheim

Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

  • Boreas is immune to all elements due to the 4 elemental statues ("Sentinels") placed around him.
  • Every 2 turns, Boreas changes seasons by creating the related surfaces around the grates on the floor.
  • He also summons 1 Elemental and also 2 Elemental Rocks.
  • Boreas specialises in Hydrosophist Skills.

Tactician Mode

  • When Boreas changes seasons, he also summons the corresponding Elemental Ward.


Tips & Tricks

  • Destroying a Sentinel, removes Boreas's immunity to that element attacks.
  • Being made of ice, Boreas is especially vulnerable to fire. Therefore destroying the fire Sentinel yields the best results.
  • Boreas can't change seasons if staticons_Stunned.pngStunned, staticons_Charmed.pngCharmed, staticons_Petrified.pngPetrified or staticons_KnockedDown.pngKnocked down.

    • Anonymous

      Killing Boreas....use poison08 Sep 2016 05:43  

      At least on Classic mode, which is as hard as I have played it, going after the statues is a waste of time, simply use poison. Poison arrows from archer, or better yet, poison darts from mages work wonders against him. Keep your party together to help heal and kill anything he summons and keep hitting him with poison, last time I faced him, I had Madora, Johan, and two mage characters, he only summoned ice then fire elementals, which didn't hang around long and then Boreas was dead. I did go after the fire statue with my warrior, coming in side door, but really shouldn't have.

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