Summon Armored Undead Decapitator



Summon a powerful level 8 Skeletal Knight in a 12.0m radius for 30s.
  • 100% chance to set Knocked Down status for 2 turns
action_point-icon.jpgAP COST
  • 8 Use
saving_throws-icon.jpgSAVING THROW
  • 8 turn(s) Cooldown

You can only have one summon at a time.
Summon Armored Undead Decapitator is a Skill in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Summon_Armoured_Undead_Decapitator_small.jpgSummon Armored Undead Decapitator Information

  • The Skeletal Knight's two-hander has a 20% chance to knock down its target and has a chance to do critical damage.
  • Like all skeletons, he is immune to bleeding and poison attacks.
  • Can taunt enemies.
  • Recommended Witchcraft Level : 3 - This Skill will cost +2 AP for each level below the recommended one

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