A Dark Matter

Fabricio Small
Quest Giver
Location Hiberheim
Suggested Level 12+
Next Quest Eternal Winter
Previous Quest Find the Witch

A Dark Matter is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. It forms part of the bigger quest Find the Witch. In this quest you will confront the Conduit to obtain "The Orders" that you need to break the force field blocking the entrance to the Hiberheim Castle. You need to enter the castle to free the White Witch, Icara.

The quest can be initiated by either speaking with the Immaculates at one of the three camps or Fabricio at the second of Three Immaculate Camps around Hiberheim. You will have to charm them in order to get this information. If you have already killed the Immaculates before they could say anything to you, then you can only initiate the quest upon reaching the Elemental Forge

Important NPCs

  • Fabricio
  • Conduit



  • The Orders (Spell)
  • 13,300 XP?



  1. Charm the Immaculates at one of Three Immaculate Camps to start the quest
  2. Speak with Fabricio to update / start the quest.
  3. Head to the Elemental Forge in the North-East corner of the map.
  4. Speak with the Conduit and defeat her 4 Initiates (2,475 XP each).
  5. Kill the Initiates. One will drop a spell name "The Orders". This will be useful in making your way into Hiberheim castle. "A Dark Matter" quest will complete (3,000 XP).



  • Throughout Hiberheim, you will come across a few Immaculate Camps infested with Immaculates. You should avoid killing them until after updating the quests A Dark Matter and Eternal Winter. However do kill them after that as otherwise they disappear and strip you of that easy extra combat XP.
  • Charm these Immaculates through RPS games to receive information that they are hunting imps to create a Blood Stone. As a good samaritan, you will stop this from happening.
  • Head to the far north of Hiberheim to come across the Elemental Forge.
  • Here you will encounter the Conduit. She will convert the four Immaculates with her into Enlightened Initiates, which are basically demons she will then command to attack you.
  • These Initiates will be at Level 11 and cast spells and do melee damage as well.
  • After the fight, one of them should drop a spell named "The Orders". You need to use this to break into the Hiberheim castle and complete the quests Eternal Winter and Find the Witch.

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    • In the battle with the Conduit's Initiates. You can steal the Bloodstone on the table that they are using before the battle. Have 1 character with invisibility and one of the teleport Pyramids, the other 3 stand back by the bottom of the stairs you came down. You want them to be far enough away that the Bloodstone isn't drained, but close enough that the Conduit walks over. Have your 1 character turn invisible and go pick up the Bloodstone. Just as your doing it hit the teleport pyramid (have it on your quickbar). You'll pick up the Stone and teleport back to your group where the Bloodstone will fall on the ground.

      You'll go into normal conversation with the Conduit, have another character pick up the Bloodstone, double click it in their inventory to use it. It activates, 3,150 XP and is drained. Finish your conversation with the Conduit, she changes the Initiates into Demons, and walks over to as if the Bloodstone was on the floor. When she disappears pick up the used stone, kill the 4 Demons and finish the Dark Matter quest. Loot the area after. Visit your Homestead after and another room is open with the Bloodstone use.

      • Anonymous

        This quest is 100% optional. You can learn of a different way in by saving a rabbit from a snowman. He will show you a path that you can take with teleport magic and some good use of the pyramids

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