A Shell On The Beach

Quest Giver
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal Beach
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A Shell On The Beach is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest is initiated by speaking to Ishmashell at the Southeastern side of Cyseal Beach.

Important NPCs

  • Ishmashell - Find him following the beach directly south from the Cyseal Tranquil Beach waypoint, you'll go past a stone arch and find him there.



  • +1 Altruistic / Egotistical
  • 100 XP
  • Random loot in the chest
  • If you take Ishmashell and consume him, character gains permanent +10% Water Resistance (20% if you have the Five-Star Diner Talent)


  1. Speak to Ishmashell
  2. Decide to Return Ishmashell to the Sea OR Keep Him in your Inventory



  • If you return him to the sea, you will receive a chest with random loot in it. You will also gain +1 Altruistic
    • The stronger the character that throws him back, the farther he goes and the better the rewards.
    • The strength ranges are 5-9, 10-14, and 15+. (may need testing?)
  • If you refuse to return him, you will gain +1 Egotistical. You can later consume Ishmashell to gain a permanent +10% Water Resistance.
    • If you have the talent five-star diner, the 10% water resistance is doubled.

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    • Anonymous

      If you consume him multiple times, likely through the use of cheats or whatever.

      Does that give you stacking Water Resist up to 200% which you heal at?

      • Anonymous

        Just eat him alive. Don't cook him or you'll almost die when you eat him and get no permanent bonus. Should have been the other way around IMHO. Raw meat is supposed to infect you, not cooked meat, duh... *rants about game devs not knowing what cooking nor infections are*

        • Anonymous

          I try to trown Ishmashell back to sea by 23 Strength. That give "Mermaid's Kiss ring" (+11% Water resist, +9 HP). Not worth.

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