An A-mount of Healing Magic

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
Linked Quests The Escort Job

An A-mount of Healing Magic is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest is obtained from Bjorn, Just northeast of the 'Luculla-Cyseal' Portal, at the end of the blood trail by the corpses.

Speak to him about "escorting him and his wife Mara to Silverglen" to learn that his mount Alfie is injured and that he is reluctant to continue without it. Tell him you will do something about it and this starts the quest.

NOTE: You need Pet Pal Talent to speak to Alfie.

Important NPCs

  • Bjorn
  • Alfie





  1. Talk to Bjorn
  2. Talk to Alfie
  3. Heal / Kill Alfie



  • Speak to Bjorn and initiate the quest. When you talk about escorting him (this is the The Escort Job Quest), he will tell you about Alfie's condition.
  • You can choose to help him (+1 Altruistic) or tell Bjorn that they must leave now (+1 Egotistical).
    • Doing the latter will end this quest right here but gain you 0 XP.
  • If you say you will try to help Alfie, you must then speak to Alfie. You must have a Blood Stone in your inventory to continue the quest any further. If you have one, you will be given an option to Heal Alfie (+1 Altruistic) or just save the Blood Stone for later, essentially leaving Alfie behind to die. (+1 Egotistical).
  • If you heal him, then Alfie will tag along you for The Escort Job.

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