Another Crazed Mage

~Quest Giver~
Billeh Gahr
Billeh Gahr
Quest Type Side
Location Black Cove, Cyseal
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Another Crazed Mage is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest is initiated in one of the rooms upstairs after defeating the Source Abomination.

This quest starts when you walk into that room. The entire room is filled with traps that are set to blow up the entire room. When one of your players steps on a trap, the ghost of BIlleh Gahr appears, and this starts the quest.

DO NOT MOVE that character which triggered the quest or else everyone will die and you will lose this quest.

Important NPCs

  • Billeh Gahr



  • + 1680 XP



  1. Enter the room.
  2. Leave the character who triggered the event on the spot
  3. Use the other characters to find the hidden switch to disable the trap.
  4. Loot the room



  • This quest is a tricky one because the chance of failing it is very high.
  • After ending the dialogue check closely which character from your party is standing on the trap that triggered the dialogue. Unchain this member from the others, so that they will stand still, while the others can move freely through the room.
  • In the left corner you will notice a chest with random loot, a crate and a barrel. Move the crate away from there and you will find a small button. Press the button to release the trapped character and complete the quest.

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    • Anonymous

      Lol this quest is a good one. Kinda has Mission Impossible vibe. See, I had my rogue Wolgraff scouting and suddenly he was on that pressure plate. My only character wiht high perception... What I did was moving him a little bit sideway and have another character from my party on the plate. Now Wolgraff coud get off the thing without triggering it. He found the switch and the mission was completed.

      • Anonymous

        And I just blocked all the trap holes with boxes using telekinesis so they exploded instead of me. So many options to survive and still fail the quest

        • Anonymous

          There was a chair in the room and I uses it to hold the trap for me. Looted the room and left. But it counted as though I failed it.

          • Anonymous

            I just used teleport to move the character out of the room and let it explode then collected the treasure. It did count as failing the quest though.

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