Arrows Recipes in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition are listed below.

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    • Anonymous

      I live close to k.c. mo , I need these proven that they were together. And the 2nd one will make it 100 percent. I will never find the Arrowheads knocked from the 2nd chunk.. communicate , I have the only ones.. you need to see in person.

      • Anonymous

        I have 1 Arrowhead popped from a chunk of Flint. And I found another chunk of Flint with an Arrowhead knocked from both sides.... nobody believes it

        • Notes that I came here for: - There's no way to make Water Arrows. - Freezing Arrows can only be made by combining a Freezing Arrowhead & an Arrow Shaft. - Charming Arrows can also be made by combining a Charming Arrowhead & an Arrow Shaft, but require Crafting Level 3 and possibly a skillbook. I'll come back to confirm and then edit the page later in my playthrough.

          • Anonymous

            Does anyone else have this problem? I have make the potions for debuffs but I can't apply them to arrowheads, as recipes instruct.

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