Attenberah is a level 15 Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.




Level 15
Difficulty Normal
Location Luculla Forest


Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

  • Attenberah can use a variety of Aerotheurge spells.
  • She can also summon Air Elementals
  • She will occasionally teleport the player to harmful locations (such as in front of his elementals or into a damaging cloud or ground surface if one exists).
  • She also has 2 very weak Apprentices that can cast Mass Slow smallMass Slow and Skill Warrior HelpingHandHelping Hand.

Tactician Mode

  • Additional melee fighter (Soul of Desperation) that can dispel the player's buffs and debuffs inflicted on the enemy.
  • When they die, they caststatIcons FrightenedFrightened on the player to land the killing blow.


Tips & Tricks


1. talk to her and stay in dialogue, 
2. kill her two servants, they will not initiate fights and let you kill them
3. Block the door with the nearby chair and another thing
4. block the spawn of the 2 Horrors that she summons with the available barrels and boxes
Kill each one by one.

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