Back-Stabber is a Talent in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. 




  • Allows a character to backstab with daggers, knives, rondels and rapiers.
  • Back-stabs have a 100% chance for a critical strike.

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    • Anonymous

      Interesting perk as various movement skills usually live you behind your target so it can be really efficient compensation to balance things.
      I'm bit new to EE so im confused at how skill damage scale, if its based on weapon dagger/sword attribute or levels. From my observation only weapon scale damage and attribute determinate success of effects it may apply.
      So in that regard i'm all for this perk on my sword and board ( just in this case with dagger...), considering flow of battle with Battering Ram/Thunder Jump its way more realistic and beneficial than Bully, just from economical side of things that keep things simple and AP efficient.

      • Anonymous

        Battering Ram / Thunder Jump, crit.. Eficient for shield tanks, damage scale with weapon and attributes just affects proking of skills effects apparently. Its more realistic and efficient scenario then bully talent for sure.

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