Balberith is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.




Level ?
Difficulty Hard
Location Dark Forest

Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

  • Every 2 turns, each Soul of Torment heals Balberith for 25% of his HP
  • These Souls of Torment are immune to all elements EXCEPT one -- the surface beneath its feet shows what it is vulnerable to.
  • Starting from the 2nd turn onwards, Balberith will spawn a new Cyclops (up to 3) every 2 turns.
  • Balberith can use attacks like Skill_Source_Charm.jpgRapture,Skill_Source_DrainWillpower.jpgDrain Willpower, and Weakening Touch.

Tactician Mode

  • The fight is hard enough and has no Tactician mode adjustments.


Tips & Tricks

  • Send one Person only to talk to him and after the fight starts use the Pyramid to port out.
  • When you re enter the Cellar you can use Meteor Shower which will chunk Balberith since the first hit will reduce his fire resistance to 70% and the two enemies next to him.
  • After that the fight will start and you should use Rain of Arrows since it will also ignore the Wall between you and them and give the finishing blow to the Cyclops.
  • Balberith should come running at you as soon as it is his turn and should stop right in front of you.
  • Now you can just shoot anything at him that deals damage to kill him before he gets healed by his Souls of Torment.
  • After he is dead just clean up the rest and enjoy the rest of the game!

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