Beauty and the Beast

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Luculla Forest
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Beauty and the Beast is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest begins when you talk with Fumble (the Troll) guarding a broken bridge East of Silverglen. He will tell you about being lonely and then ask you to pay toll.

Important NPCs

  • Fumble
  • Ruby




  1. Talk to Fumble
  2. Choose to pay (+1 Obedient) / not pay(+1 Independent) toll
  3. Talk to Ruby
  4. Pay her 2050 Gold to "entertain" Fumble



  • You can choose to not pay Fumble to cross the bridge without it affecting the quest.
  • Before sending Ruby off to Fumble, you can talk to her about having a bedroom ready and pay her 250 Gold for your own "entertainment". This actually unlocks a door upstairs in the Silverglen Inn for some loot.

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    • Anonymous

      After convincing Ruby your charater will start a dialog : - Agree with the choice you just made +1 Bold - Doubt your choice +1 Cautious

      • Anonymous

        You can kill the Fumble to get extra XP after completing this quest by brining the Ruby. 3 x 2750xp from killing 3 stone golems, 1 x 2750xp from killing the Fumble, and 1 x 1500xp from killing the Ruby:( The Ruby turned hostile after attacking the Fumble.

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