Braccus Rex is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Braccus Rex



Level ?
Difficulty Hard
Location Cyeal


Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

Tactician Mode

  • Braccus Rex creates 3 Protection Crystals that make him invulnerable as long as one of them is still active. These crystals need to be destroyed before Braccus can be attacked.
  • Braccus will not Skill_Warrior_Rage.jpgRage while he is invulnerable.
  • Braccus will create new crystals 2 turns after the last crystal was destroyed. Creating crystals costs him 5 AP.


"Braccus Rex likes snow dogs" - Gub, The Uncle


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    • Anonymous

      During the conversaton with B.Rex, use chests and vases to block the Twins (NOT barrels or boxes, they will burn), boxes+barrles+vases for confining the Baron and the Ghoul; they will not leave their corner (check: it's OK if a character canNOT enter from outside). Then spread your party around B.Rex, kill him in and pactice archery and spell-casting on the others.

      • Anonymous

        Met him at lev 9. There is only one tactics to beat him so early.
        I am playing with 3 guys, one Warrior and 2 rangers (one with summon spider ability). The trick is to use the Summoner from them. The other two stays in the previous room. So the guy summons spider and shoots from far distance Rex. Then goes back to the other room. Rex cant reach that room. He is too big to move below the door. So you get 3 vs 3. Those bosses could be beaten. I am using a lot of stunning/frozen arrows. After the three lower bosses it's time for the big one. Recover full health I go with stunning/frozen arrows. As fast as possible before he is able to rain methera

        • Anonymous

          Killed him at lvl 10 with my 2 lone wolves, 1 warrior 1 archer.

          Sent in my warrior, got meteor-ed to death. My stealth archer behind used a rez scroll out of combat and got him back up to full health. All 3 bosses were spawned. One summoned Nick kept the main boss preoccupied for 2 turns. My super powerful 5 point blacksmith weapons along with the bully talent and knockdown arrows made short work of the 3 optional bosses.

          Dropped a unique 2handed weapon that deals as much damage as my smith-ed one handed weapon.

          • Anonymous

            Tactical mode lvl 9:
            - First time i walked in and (obviously) lost the fight. His first nuke killed half of my characters (i use the prolonged V formation to keep my archer far) and even by many and many ressurection scrolls i could not do it. I killed all the other bosses, but he was too close to my mains and killed both of them with hits right after (i could have ressurected them, but the game just ends there). But i noticed few things on that run. When something is killing the node crystals bosses tend to switch aggro to them. (even summons) And that you can quite easilly controll two of them with certain arrows.

            - So i realized it is same as Pontius, do not tank the first nuke with whole party and it is fine. So i split my archer and warrior to be alone (each of them) as they do not have summons in my playthrough. Sneaked archer to corner at the right side behind the door and my warrior close to the chest with purple lock. Than i triggered the dialog with rest of the party, keeping them close in case something weird proc so one can ressurect the other (both of them have ok hp pool, if not in your case, than split them little). After taking the blast i made it rain (important here keep it wet) and healed and summoned close to crystals what i could. Than i noticed my archer is out of battle, so i put him in position to control both Twins with "Freezing Arrows" and Ghoul with "Static Cloud Arrows" (as simple "Stunning Arrows" kept failing for me in the first try), clouds make him blind in the fog and as he tries to move he gets stunned (maybe only when wet, dunno had rain up whole time he was alive). Left my warrior and two summons on crystals and most powerfull spells (like fear etc) were tanked by them. After i killed first set of crystals i finished Twins and Ghould allready nearly dead from arrows. Also set on Braccus Slowed status (can be any other to reduce AP) so he can't do much else while resummoning crystals. After resummon i split my party to deal with new crystals while killing Diedrik. And after i kept Braccus controlled with knockdowns (he doesn't have huge stats) and freeze effects so he never did anything since.
            Like this it was actually quite easy as you can healt through the switching aggro with potions and food, maybe just lucky.

            • Anonymous

              I cheesed this fight at level 9 by fighting them one at a time. I triggered the dialog and then the fight and then fled. Then I came back, stood at the door, teleported The-Ghoul-That-Used-To-Guard-The-Lighthouse to my party, killed him in 1 turn and fled again. I repeated this process for Diederik, Baron of Bones, though it took 2 turns. After that I even managed to kill The Twins-By-Fire-Joined and flee. I triggered the fight and immediately retreated to the door. The Twins-By-Fire-Joined came rushing to my party while Braccus stayed behind, and I killed him in 2 turns, while fleeing again in the 2nd turn. Now only Braccus was left, and I entered combat by using Crushing Fists on him from stealth and killed him in 2 turns. At no point did Braccus get a chance to cast his Meteor Shower. In the first two fights, with The-Ghoul-That-Used-To-Guard-The-Lighthouse and Diederik, the character that triggered combat was too far away. In the third fight (with The Twins-By-Fire-Joined) the character that triggered combat got the first turn and walked away to safety. In the final fight with Braccus combat was triggered by knocking him down from stealth and he was killed before he could get up.

              • Anonymous

                My general strategy: Send a single, fire-resist-buffed character to make Rex waste the Meteor Shower. Keep it raining since fire heals 2 of the enemies. Make liberal use of freeze/stun to limit enemy action. Direct attack based on elemental weaknesses.

                • Anonymous

                  I Just cast avatar of fire on my tank and sent him to face Braccus alone, he casted the meteor shower and dealt really low dmg, then the other 3 party members joined the fight,

                  • Anonymous

                    Had massive struggles with this fight yesterday but found a method that worked at party level 9. If you separate your least effective character and make them sneak into the room and get behind Rex, attack him. This will do 2 things, it will bring up the chat between said character and Rex and it will spawn all the other bosses. Rex and your split character will be in the chat until you end it, leaving you a 3 on 3 and a way easier fight. once you have beaten those, you can heal up and end conversation with Rex, leaving you a 4 on 1 and as long as you can stun or freeze him every turn or 2, he will go down without a scratch.

                    • Anonymous

                      All my party members die on the first turn, so I ignored him and went to Silverglen... now I'm in level 13 and I STILL can't beat him.

                      • Anonymous

                        yaaah, the first time i met him he killed my party with his meteor shower crap... all of us died the first turn.

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