Braccus Rex is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Braccus Rex



Level ?
Difficulty Hard
Location Cyeal


Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

Tactician Mode

  • Braccus Rex creates 3 Protection Crystals that make him invulnerable as long as one of them is still active. These crystals need to be destroyed before Braccus can be attacked.
  • Braccus will not Skill_Warrior_Rage.jpgRage while he is invulnerable.
  • Braccus will create new crystals 2 turns after the last crystal was destroyed. Creating crystals costs him 5 AP.


"Braccus Rex likes snow dogs" - Gub, The Uncle


    • Anonymous

      10 Apr 2020 11:56  

      I Just cast avatar of fire on my tank and sent him to face Braccus alone, he casted the meteor shower and dealt really low dmg, then the other 3 party members joined the fight,

      • Anonymous

        05 Aug 2019 10:54  

        Had massive struggles with this fight yesterday but found a method that worked at party level 9. If you separate your least effective character and make them sneak into the room and get behind Rex, attack him. This will do 2 things, it will bring up the chat between said character and Rex and it will spawn all the other bosses. Rex and your split character will be in the chat until you end it, leaving you a 3 on 3 and a way easier fight. once you have beaten those, you can heal up and end conversation with Rex, leaving you a 4 on 1 and as long as you can stun or freeze him every turn or 2, he will go down without a scratch.

        • Anonymous

          08 Aug 2018 10:19  

          All my party members die on the first turn, so I ignored him and went to Silverglen... now I'm in level 13 and I STILL can't beat him.

          • Anonymous

            01 Jan 2018 02:49  

            yaaah, the first time i met him he killed my party with his meteor shower crap... all of us died the first turn.

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