Cecil's Mighty Staff

~Quest Giver~
Mayor Cecil
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
Linked Quests - The Fabulous Five
- Arhu's Failed Experiment

Cecil's Mighty Staff is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest is obtained from Mayor Cecil in the City of Cyseal Town Hall. He will tell you about a powerful staff named Staff of Pergamon that he purchased but never had delivered to him. Your task will be to investigate the matter.

Important NPCs





  1. Speak with Mayor Cecil
  2. Speak with Conrad
  3. Speak with Marv
  4. Speak with Conrad again
  5. Find Dietmar
  6. Defeat Dietmar
  7. Return to Cecil



  • After speaking with Cecil, you will learn about his purchase and learn that he never got it. You will learn that the seller was Conrad, a wizard/merchant.
  • Find Conrad at the docks. He will be on his ship. Speak with him. He will suggest you speak with his crew.
  • Talk to one of the men around the ship, named Marv. He will inform you about a Dietmar he saw running away with the package during the Orc attack that took place earlier.
  • Speaking with Conrad about Dietmar will make him suggest that he may have ran off to some unknown beach.
  • You can find Dietmar in the northern part of Cyseal, past the Secluded Beach Waypoint.
  • When you approach him, he will instruct his goons to attack you first. As the fight continues, more and more will join in the fight. AOE damage spells work best if you wait till they all show up.
  • After defeating him, you will earn +7000 XP and the Staff of Pergamon will drop. Pick up that Staff and return to Mayor Cecil to complete the quest.
  • You can return the staff to him for +1 Spiritual. Or you can keep the staff and also get +1 Materialistic. This will also cause you to get -1 Reputation.

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    • Anonymous

      If you throw the staff on the ground, it will still be confiscated (if you choose to hand it over). But it will appear in the mayor's pocket, and you need incredible stealing skills.

      • Anonymous

        I don't know if it has been changed with Enhanced Edition or if the info here is just plain wrong, but you can find Dietmar on the west of the cave where you fought the Arhu SparkMaster 5000 in Arhu's Failed Experiment quest, not at the beach where the weeping orc Broggnar is. I've been looking around for ages, thankfully another site had the correct information.

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