Charisma is an Ability in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


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    • Anonymous

      Thing is with Charisma and reputation its really adding up on your barter character.
      On my current lvl 11 chars I'm on 75 attitude with 8 reputation 1 point into charisma, politician, a trait for total of 7 with items. If you want some vendors with loot of gold early in end of time (lvl20) they require absurd gold gifts for around 1k for 5 attitude but they also have absurd amount of gold. One can say barter is better to invest but with my current lvl 5 (2 from items,1 trait, 2 form ability points) barter with trait and items and attitude benefits is far superior against absurd investments into barter especially regarding level and actual investments.
      In a sense as crafting and blacksmithing is considered money cow so barter and charisma are also best combined for best scenario.

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