Charmed I'm Sure

Quest Giver
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal Harbor Warehouse
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Charmed I'm Sure is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You will see 2 Guards arguing over a status_effect_Charmed.png Charmed Orc. You will have to intervene and decide the fate of this Orc.

These guards will by the Cyseal Harbor Warehouse.

Important NPCs

  • Marius (Guard)
  • Ninnius (Guard)
  • Charmed Orc





  1. Talk to the Guards
  2. Choose who is right



  • Reach the Cyseal Harbor Warehouse.
  • Speak with the arguing Guards - Marius and Ninnius.
  • Decide whether the charmed Orc is dangerous or actually in love:
    • Option A: You can warn the guards that the potion's effect is temporary and that the Orc will kill them eventually. This will make the guards kill the Orc and earn you +1 Pragmatic.
    • Option B: You can agree that Orc is madly in love. You will receive +1 Romantic, however the next time you return here, the guards will be dead (presumably killed by the Orc).

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