Closing the Rift

Location Dark Forest
Suggested Level 16
Next Quest -
Previous Quest -

Closing the Rift is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Important NPCs in Closing the Rift



  • 3150 Exploration XP
  • 7200 Quest XP
  • 13700 Charisma XP (optional)
  • ~96000 Combat XP (optional)
  • 81600 XP Combat XP (optional) if you engage demons.
  • Total of ~201650 XP possible for this quest.


Closing the Rift Objectives

  1. Find the Void Crystal
  2. Destroy the Void Crystal


Closing the Rift Walkthrough

You will need a TENEBRIUM weapon to complete this quest

  • You will get this quest automatically when you enter the Dark Forest, when Zixzas appears to tell you The End of Time is under attack, and thus The Void must be involved.
  • Go to Luculla Forest Goblin Village and take the sandy/spider area exit.
  • Progress North and find the lava area, then go in from the main entrance and take a left
  • There are two large groups of enemies. You can fight them, or you can sneak/use invisibility to reach the portal hidden behind them. A chest at the end contains a large invisibility potion that you will need
  • Get through the portal and you'll be up against some invulnerable rams. Use the invisibility potion you got, and go by them to the further area where the large Void Crystal is.
  • Destroy the Crystal using a tenebrium weapon.
  • Zixzas appears and tells you things are back to normal, and the quest ends.

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    • Anonymous

      the walkthrough says "you can fight the enemies"...but you can't. They all have an invulnerability aura which can't be removed. the only way to kill them is to destroy the void crystal. you get 0 xp for the enemies as well...if you snuck up there. you CAN however, get the xp if you sneak 1 member up to the void crystal, then engage the demons with your other characters, then switch to the sneaking character and destroy the crystal and everyone gets the xp. it was more like 81k xp instead of 96k in my case. . .but i guess this guide was written for classic edition, evidenced by the "charisma xp", which does not exist in EE, so i'm confused why the top of this page says "enhanced edition", when this is a "classic edition" walkthrough and the info is outdated

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