Clouds are on of the mediums of Environmental Effects in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. They play a big role in combat as they can limit your visibility and range  or on the other hand provide soft cover to retreat or recuperate. 


There are 3 types of Clouds in D:OSEE.


Poison Clouds


  • These are the most dangerous types of clouds.

  • Any objects/characters/enemies that are inside this cloud will be  Poisoned.

  • Can be exploded / set aflame using Pyrokinetic skills or other fire objects (such as  grenades /  fire arrows /  explosive barrels).

  • Can be removed using  Tornado.

Poison Cloud

Smoke Clouds


  • These are the most effective type of clouds to provide soft-cover. 

  • Caused by explosions.

  • They block line of sight.

  • Can be removed using  Rain.



Smoke Cloud

Steam Clouds


  • Created whenever a flaming or wet terrain comes in contact with water or fire respectively. (Both in the forms of Skills or through other Items).

  • They block line of sight while within it.

  • Being a moist cloud, they can be electrified using Aerotheurge skills. This will caused  Stunned status effect to all within the cloud who are not immune to it.

  • Can be removed using  Tornado.

Steam Cloud

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    • Anonymous

      Unless it means NPC vision sight cones for the purposes of cancelling sneak mode.

      Steam does not block vision. Only smoke does.

      (Smoke is the cloud usually from an expired fire surface. Whilst steam is the combination of a fire and water surface. These are, of course, the common and simple sources of them, not specific like spells that directly create them.)

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