Clouds are on of the mediums of Environmental Effects in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. They play a big role in combat as they can limit your visibility and range  or on the other hand provide soft cover to retreat or recuperate. 


There are 3 types of Clouds in D:OSEE.


Poison Clouds


  • These are the most dangerous types of clouds.

  • Any objects/characters/enemies that are inside this cloud will be  Poisoned.

  • Can be exploded / set aflame using Pyrokinetic skills or other fire objects (such as  grenades /  fire arrows /  explosive barrels).

  • Can be removed using  Tornado.

Poison Cloud

Smoke Clouds


  • These are the most effective type of clouds to provide soft-cover. 

  • Caused by explosions.

  • They block line of sight.

  • Can be removed using  Rain.



Smoke Cloud

Steam Clouds


  • Created whenever a flaming or wet terrain comes in contact with water or fire respectively. (Both in the forms of Skills or through other Items).

  • They block line of sight while within it.

  • Being a moist cloud, they can be electrified using Aerotheurge skills. This will caused  Stunned status effect to all within the cloud who are not immune to it.

  • Can be removed using  Tornado.

Steam Cloud

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