Into The Dark

Quest Giver~
Dying Orc
Quest Type Side
Location Black Cove, Cyseal
Linked Quests - Another Crazed Mage
- Headless Nick

Into The Dark (named Crabs Versus Skeletons in the classical version) is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You'll receive this quest when you approach a dying orc in the Black Cove, Cyseal. The orc will mutter something about "huge claws" and "bloody claws," before falling dead. All you'll have to do to complete the quest is defeat the skeleton boss Pontius Pirate.

Important NPCs

  • Dying Orc
  • Ponitus Pirate



  • + 1680 XP
  • + 1 Reputation



  1. Speak to the Dying Orc.
  2. Continue deeper into the Black Cove.
  3. Defeat Pontius Pirate



  • Head through the Western gate directly West of the Cyseal Harbour Waypoint Portal. Head North past the dead orcs, then West past the crying orc from The Grieving Orc and North past the minefield of traps.
  • There is an orc miniboss called Grullbarg the Fearsome guarding the entrance to the Black Cove. Kill him and enter the Cove. You will gain +6750 XP for this battle.
  • Continue East, disabling the Poison Cloud traps and take out the Abomination mini boss .Enter the room East of the Abomination for the Another Crazed Mage quest.
  • In the room North of the Abomination, pull the lever and then the switch behind the painting. This will reveal a trapdoor that you must go through.
  • Head East after entering the trapdoor and face a handful of crabs and traps. The key to the locked, unbreakable chest before the first bridge is behind some rocks by a shipwreck to the Northwest. Continue East until you get to the room full of switches.
  • Head East and up some stairs, you will find place full of triggers. You need to trigger the 'Blood-Stained Switch' to the Southeast of the stairway, hiding behind some bushes, to open the path. This updates the quest for +840 XP.
  • Head through the newly opened door and face and kill Pontius for +5550 XP and +1 Reputation. This completes the quest.

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    • Anonymous

      Enhanced edition: pressing Bronze and gold levers = loot. Ominous switch teleports you to a hilltop with some loot and a hidden switch which teleports you back (alternatively could use pyramids).

      Bloodstained switch is at x473 y142 (have to go down eastern stairs)

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