Cyseal is a Location in Divinity: Original Sin.

Cyseal Information

Area Walkthrough

The game begins in Cyseal South. Walk through the beach until you encounter an enemy group just outside Cyseal Temple, which triggers your first fight against Skeletons. Once the fight is won, you can explore the temple and learn about the game mechanics from within.

Once the temple section is complete, the player arrives at Cyseal City which is the largest city in the game and one you will return to often. This large city features several quests and treasures, so be thorough on your exploration - it is advisable to remain in the city until level 4 as enemies outside the gates are of higher levels. It is of special note that a section full of mines will prevent progression to the East until a higher level is reached.

Once the player feels comfortable with its level, it is advised to explore following the enemy progression map provided, namely: Cyseal West, Cyseal South and Black Cove, Cyseal North and finally Cyseal East.


cyseal town


To reach the chest that you can see next to the stairs leading to the market, go into the underground via the Abandoned House (locked) past the traps or the secret hole entrance in the cemetery.


Video Walkthrough

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General Information

  • Previous Zone: n/a
  • Next Zone: Luculla Forest
  • Recommended Levels: 1 to 9
  • Bosses: ??
  • NPCs: ??
  • Clearing this area opens Luculla Forest
  • The mines just outside of town are undetectable for low levels. Come back here later




  • Madora - King Crab Tavern
  • Jahan - Second floor of Mayor Cecil's House
  • Bairdotr - Jailed near Legionnaire Barracks
  • Wolgraff - Cave under Cyseal Cemmetery



Cyseal cyseal level map small

Main Quests

Side Quests

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