Item Type

Dagger is a Weapon in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Crafting Recipe


  • Blacksmithing Level 1

Where to find / Location

  • Can be crafted
  • Random loot in chests, crates, enemy drops
  • Occasionally sold by Merchants

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    • Anonymous

      Well this is sort of strange but Wooden Stake is also classified as Dagger in a sense that is can backstab. From what i seen on lvl 11 its same as crafted dagger except i don't thin you can increase damage with honing.
      In other aspects I'm not really sure if Wooden Stake can have some mods on it, first i ever seen mod on dagger was on lvl 11 and it was +2 dex but it was not until recently that i tested Wooden Stake because i seen it have pierce damage so i assumed correctly its a substitute
      Knife is not so common, i seen it one time on random npc trade, crated dagger damage is huge compered with what you can find on merchants, for example 42-72 (at very very best, most you find is top from 50 to 65 with honing) against 45-95. As damage depend on level of characters on creating it its best to keep some for upgrade, also bonuses have weight so its not that great when they so limited.

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