Dark Forest Treasure Map

Secrets from bought maps
(1) Skillbook
In the Knight's Tomb on your right side after reaching the stairs you'll find some treasures and a Skillbook.

(2) Skillbook and Bloodstone
In a tomb you'll find a Skillbook and some crafting ingredients on extension of a hallway after bridge, also Bloodstone behind Cassandra's grave.

Chest 4/4 – Last chest requested to open "Last Chest" in The End of Time.

Precious Items 
(1) Chest
Chest guarded by ghosts.

(2) Buried chest
Buried chest on the road.
(3) Cellar Entrace
Valuable items in sight after pulling torch on fireplace.
(4) Barrels of mage Bellegard - choose one.
If you wanna trick him you'll recive nothing.
(5) Buried chest
Chest burried in the garden.
(6) Chest
To get to the chest localize hidden hatch in a bushes.

(7) Bloodstone
At the end of the road you'll find a broken mirror and Bloodstone is buried on left side behind the bench.

(8) Chest

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