Difficulty Modes in Divinity Original Sin have been changed with the Enhanced Edition. There are now Explorer Mode, Classic Mode, Tactician Mode and Honor Mode. This page shows the notes from the developers about these exact changes, so the player can discern which is best for him/her.

Difficulty Modes

Explorer Mode

  • The player gets +80% HP & +30% boost to Chances to Hit.
  • NPCs get -50% HP & -25% penalty to Chances to Hit.
  • Regular creatures don't have any crowd control spells (Charm, Mute, Freeze, Petrify etc.): only bosses have them.
  • Can switch up to Classic Mode

Classic Mode

  • The player gets +15% HP.
  • Creatures have all of their regular spells.
  • Can switch down to Explorer Mode.

Tactician Mode

  • NPCs get +20% HP.
  • Most creatures in the game have additional or enhanced skills & abilities, including bosses.
  • Tactician Mode can not be changed once selected.

Honor Mode

  • NPCs get +20% HP.
  • Most creatures in the game have additional or enhanced skills & abilities, including bosses.
  • Honor Mode can not be changed once selected.
  • The user has only 1 save slot, so every time they save / quicksave / autosave, the savegame is overwritten. If a character dies (PC, companion, henchman) the game autosaves.
  • If the whole party dies, the game cannot be recovered
  • PS4 cloud saves can be re-downloaded to circumvent this.
  • PS4   having an external hard drive is an excellent way to make back-up saves. You can save and separate the saves on your computer, making it possible to go back and achieve any trophies you may have accidentally missed.
  • Supposedly drops better loot

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    • Anonymous

      I wish there was a difficulty where you could be straightforward with your route. Take one path out of fort joy, one path out of the hollow marshes, and not necessarily be required to explore, because rp wise I don't think all the exploration is required

      • Anonymous

        I don't know about honor mode... sounds kind of jacked up lol.. going to give tact duo a try for my second play through. Classic with 4 wasn't bad until the last fight. That and making a Strat to kill loshe's demon before it raped my crew

        • Anonymous

          Playing the game for the first time just now and had to google it because "game mode" does not equate to difficulty, I thought I was selecting what game mode / GUI mode I wanted to select.

          No explanation in game makes it difficult to understand what you're selecting.

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