Distill My Heart

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Dark Forest
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Distill My Heart is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest is obtained from Hershel, the bartender in the Tavern at Hunter's Edge. Speaking to him about Whiskey will reveal that he is running low and is retrieving more from Glen's house.

Important NPCs

  • Hershel



  • + 16,320 XP



  1. Talk to Hershel
  2. Make some spirit
  3. Turn it into Whiskey
  4. Deliver the Whiskey



  • After speaking with Hershel, head over to the cellar in Glen's House and find a book labelled "The Art of Whisky" lying there on the table. This book will tell you how to create your very own whisky.
  • Follow the book step by step to make some Spirit.
    • You can get a Sack of Barley from the outskirts of Hunter's Edge
    • Use the Sack of Barley at the mill you get a Sack of Grist.
    • Mix it with a Bucket of Water to create Wort. You can get a Bucket of Water by using a Bucket at the well outside the mill.
    • Use the Pot Sill found in Glen's house with the Wort to create a bucket of Spirit.
  • Then you will have to turn the Spirit into Whisky. To do this, go to Homestead and speak to Zixzax about making Whisky. He will take the spirit, and return drunk and give you a 30-year old Whisky.
  • Deliver this Whisky to Hershel. This will make the Orcs in the Tavern permanently drunk and much easier to fight.

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    • Anonymous

      Coordinates for those who just want to move this quest along quickly: 253, 27 for the Barley 272, 71 Mill 285, 78 Well with Bucket 311, 80 Hatch leading down to the Still

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