If you were wondering how to get dyes in Divinity Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, then you have come to the right place.

Below is a list of the various dyes used to color various items and apparels. To see a list of all the Recipes click here.

Dyes cannot be crafted in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, however they can often be obtained as loot through drops or bought from certain merchants for a considerable price.

Dye Where to find
Item_Black_Fabric_Dye_Small.pngBlack Fabric Dye
Item_Blue_Fabric_Dye_Small.pngBlue Fabric Dye
Item_Green_Fabric_Dye_Small.pngGreen Fabric Dye
Item_Mysterious_Fabric_Dye_Small.pngMysterious Fabric Dye
Item_Purple_Fabric_Dye_Small.pngPurple Fabric Dye
Item_Red_Fabric_Dye_Small.pngRed Fabric Dye
Item_White_Fabric_Dye_Small.pngWhite Fabric Dye
Item_Yellow_Fabric_Dye_Small.pngYellow Fabric Dye

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