Eternal Winter

Quest Giver
Location Hiberheim
Suggested Level 14+
Linked Quest(s) Find the Witch
A Dark Matter

Eternal Winter is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest runs in parallel with Find the Witch. You will learn from Almina that the elements in Hiberheim are unbalanced and she will ask you to look into the matter. Upon further examination, you realize that King Boreas is behind this and that it is up to you to restore this balance.

This quest is initiated by speaking with Almina, the White Witch's assistant in Hiberheim.

Important NPCs



  • 10,450 XP?
  • Blood Stone



  1. Speak with Almina to initiate the quest.
  2. Find the Hiberheim Forest Waypoint
  3. Find a hidden hatch entrance into the Castle to the west of it
  4. Find the White Witch's prison cell
  5. Find "The Orders" to break the barrier blocking the Castle Entrance. You can do so by completing the quest: A Dark Matter
  6. Enter the castle
  7. Defeat King Boreas
  8. Destroy the Elemental Staff in the Elemental forge to free the other Elemental Kings and complete the quest



  • The quest begins when you meet Almina( the White Witch's assistant) as soon as you enter Hiberheim.
  • As you speak with NPCs in Hiberheim you realize that the imbalance is caused by the crazed King Boreas. You will need to stop him, and free the other Elemental Kings throughout the quest. This quest will additionally help you release the witch for the quest Find the Witch.
  • After finding Almina in the Witch's Grotto, you will need to use the portal opened in the lake through the side quest The Lady in the Lake to teleport to Hiberheim
  • Once there, you need to head south and make your way through to the Hiberheim Forest Waypoint.
  • From the waypoint, continue onwards north along the path passing by an Immaculate camp on the way. When a fork appears, head northwest till you come across a rock shaped like a skull. Underneath it you will find the hidden hatch entrance into the Castle's prison cells where the White Witch is being held captive.
  • After finding the Witch encapsulated in an icy glacier, you must find a way to defeat the King Boreas to free the witch. The king can be found in the Hiberheim Castle.
  • Unfortunately the castle's entrance is blocked by a barrier. To break this barrier you need to complete A Dark Matter.
  • Use the "Order" to break open the barrier and enter the castle and defeat the guardians inside and make your way to the King.
  • King Boreas is immune to all elements thanks to the 4 elemental "Sentinels" placed around him. You can destroy these Sentinels to remove Boreas's immunities. Since Boreas is an ice elemental, breaking the Fire Sentinel first is ideal as this can allow you to deal him the most damage with Pyrokinetics.
    • Additionally Boreas will change the surface around him every 2 turns into a particular element. Along with the change, he will summon elementals of that type. These do not have too much Vitality so are easy enough to kill.
  • Kill King Boreas and take the Elemental Staff he drops to Elemental Forge to free the other Elemental Kings.
  • Upon freeing them, you will have completed this quest.

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