Evelyn is a level 6 Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.





Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode
  • Evelyn will immediately summon a group of creatures at the beginning of the fight. These include:
    • Charred-Bone Lieutenant
    • Demonic Ram x2 -- they are explosive.
    • Enslaved Cyclops Wizard
    • Blood-Wind Demon
  • Then she uses a variety of spells -- Skill_Fire_Fireball.jpgFireball, Skill_Air_InstantPressure.jpgHeadvice and Skill_Rogue_EyeGouge.jpgEye Gouge.

Tactician Mode
  • Right after summoning, she uses Skill_Warrior_ShacklesofPain.jpgShackles of Pain, which allows her to share the damage she takes with her target. The attack can be interrupted by using skill_fire_Purifyingfire.jpg Purifying Fire on her.
  • Honor Mode tip: Stay up the stairs so you can slow down their attack on you. Neutralize the mage as soon as possible by using stuns or knockdowns, and use Ice or Water magic on the party to avoid making the dogs heal each other.

Tips & Tricks

  • Skill_Warrior_ShacklesofPain.jpgShackles of Pain beam can be interrupted by moving far away. Once far enough it should automatically break.
  • Try to attack the dogs from a far first as they explode. Doing so right in the beginning can make them explode away from you, and on to the enemies instead.

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