Expedition Burial Mounds

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
Linked Quests The Undead Scourge

Expedition Burial Mounds (called The Lost Archeologist in the classic version) is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. The quest is obtained from Wulfram the Archaeologist situated north of the town walls in Cyseal.

Important NPCs

  • Wulfram
  • Lieutenant Selenia (or Aureus in Classic Edition)



  • + 1715 XP (3000 XP EE Edition)
  • + 1 Reputation



  1. Speak to Wulfram
  2. Agree to escort him
  3. Kill enemies encountered
  4. Speak with Aureus (EE Edition speak with Selenia)



  • After speaking with Wulfram you will learn that soliders were sent out with him to investigate the Burial Mounds north of the city because they were a suspected source of the Undead. However the soldiers died and Wulfram needs your help to get back to town safely. 335 XP for agreeing to escort him back.
  • Agree to escort him back to the City. You will be attacked twice along the trip by low level skeletons. First by a single level 4 skeleton and then a pack of 6 level 3 skeletons.  3 of them are archers with special arrows equipped. When Wulfam arrives at the city 430 XP given.
  • After reaching the City, go and speak with Selenia x:316, y:220 to report to her about the soldiers. You will achieve +1 Reputation and complete the quest 3000 XP.  You will get -1 reputation if you allowed Wulfram to perish.

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    • Anonymous

      someone made a mistake on here...ste 4 says "speak with Aureus", but then in the walkthrough, it says "speak with Selenia". Selenia is the correct npc

      • Anonymous

        The fight itself is easy enough to win, but Wulfram is a bit of a pincushion. Wulfram tries to run ahead of the party and tends to get shot to pieces by the 3 skeleton archers within the first 3 rounds of combat. It doesn't help that he runs 5 meters out front and won't move at all away from combat so you will have to run forward to get CCs on the archers. Also, this quest is called 'Expedition Burial Mounds' in my log - not sure why it is called 'The Lost Archaeologist' here in the wiki?

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