Expedition Lighthouse

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Cyseal
Linked Quests - The Strongman
- Love Lost at the Lighthouse

Expedition Lighthouse (also known as The Scaredy Pact in the classic version) is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. There are 2 ways to initiate this quest.

To acquire this quest speak with either Captain Aureus about "matters concerning the legion" or Selenia.  They will inform you about the lighthouse and to look for any information regarding the missing men.

Alternatively, you can also start this quest upon finding a bunch of dead Legionnaires in the Western part of Cyseal, outside the city. Those soldiers will have Orders on them that tell you about the lighthouse.

Important NPCs

  • Aureus
  • Selenia
  • Lucia and Mallius
  • Samson's ghost





  1. Speak with Aureus / Find the dead Legionnaire's bodies in west Cyseal
  2. Investigate the Lighthouse
  3. Speak with Lucia and Mallius (they are hiding between the teleporting portal and the lighthouse)
  4. Kill the Ghoul and his companions
  5. Find the Ghost of Samson
  6. Speak with Lucia and Mallius again
  7. (Optional) Speak with Selenia again



  • This quest can be initiated in two ways. If you initiate the quest by speaking with Aureus (who can be found in the Legionnaire HQ in the city of Cyseal), then you will learn of the missing soldiers from an old lighthouse in the South-Western part of Cyseal. Your task will be to go investigate the lighthouse.
  • Alternatively, you can find corpses of dead legionnaires in an abandoned house once you head out West from the Northwest gate of City of Cyseal. They will have Orders on them which can be read to initiate the quest as well.
    • NOTE: If you find these after speaking with Aureus, this will give you +180 XP.
  • You can find the Lightohuse at the South-Western tip of Cyseal, right by the beach. To get here, you will need to leave City of Cyseal via the North-west gate and head directly west-northwest from there till you come across the Cyseal West Waypoint portal. Continuing west from there,you will find Lucia and Mallius, two of the Legionnaires who manage to run away and are now afraid for their lives.
  • Speak with them to learn that the other members of their group are dead at the lighthouse. This will grant you +180 XP.
  • Continue west till you eventually find the Lighthouse. At the entrance you will engage in a challenging fight - The Lighthouse Horror.


  • The Lighthouse Horror
  • You will be engaged by 3 Lupine Horror (Wolves), 2 Undead Archers,an Exploskeleton and The-Ghoul-That-Guards-The-Lighthouse (Yes, it is as what the name says it is.)
  • The 3 Lupine horror will be sent to attack you first. They can be resurrected once by the Ghoul.
  • The Ghoul can teleport to you to attack you.
  • Recommendations: deal with the 3 Horros first, then teleport the Exploskeleton to you and deal with him first. Use your ranged characters to deal with the archers next and then gang up on the Ghoul at last. Since the 3 horrors can respawn once, you will need to kill them again first when they appear.
  • After the fight, you will earn +1500 XP and a chance to get the unique weapon Clobbering Time.
  • Then you can proceed to the basement of the lighthouse to find Samson's ghost. He will tell you about the skeletons that wander around the lighthouse occasionally.
  • Return to Lucia and Mallius and you will have 2 options:
    • Option 1 -- say nothing to them and the quest will end right there and then. You will not receive any extra reward / XP. But you will get +1 Egotistical
    • Option 2 -- telling them about Samson will make them return to Cyseal and inform Aureus about this and grant you +1 Altruistic you and your other primary character agree.
  • IF you chose option 2 above, then you can return to Selena again and speak to her regarding this matter. She will ask you to verify whether what those Legionnaires were saying is true or not. If you tell her what really happened, you will receive +1 Blunt and + 3000 XP. If you lie about it and agree with the Legionnaires' exaggerated story then you will get +1 Considerate and additional + 6300 XP.

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