Fighter is a Class in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


Fighter Information

"There was no Legion in the slums of Yuthul Gor. There was no mayor, no magistrate, no law. Only the Fighter. If your horse had been stolen, the Fighter would find it. If your landlord extorted you, the Fighter would help him see reason. This justice was harsh but effective; order persisted.

When the king heard of the vigilante who dared enforce the law without the monarch's consent, he was outraged. 'Banish this traitor,' the king said. But the king's guards could not subdue the warrior, no matter their swords and spears.

At last, the king called upon a black witch to cast a spell upon the so-called usurper. As the Fighter slept, terrible nightmares invaded where soldiers could not. Mad with terror, the Fighter fled and wandered for weeks before the nightmares began to subside, but if the Fighter dared wander in the direction of home, the nightmares began afresh.

The king might be untouchable, but dark magic was not. As a Source Hunter, the Fighter would destroy the charm at its root. The king would come after."


Starting Gear



  • Fighters can deal a lot of damage, and can probably take the most in return - especially if using a shield and heavy armor.
  • Fighters offensive and defensive capabilities can be adjusted to your playing style. You can go for two-handed weapons if you believe in brute force, or a slightly measured one-handed weapon and shield combo if you prefer to play a little safe.
  • Fighters are susceptible to ranged attacks due to the lack of any other special weapons or ability other than melee-based ones. Therefore it is best to usually walk around with the fighter as your controlled character to get into the fight quicker.  Fighters can use Battering Ram as a gap closer or splash into Aero to pickup Thunder Jump to increase mobility.  Battering Ram, Shackles of Pain, and Crushing Fist all have a 15 meter range, but after that you will need to lumber over to your target to hit it which can be problematic when wearing heavy armor and a shield.
  • Be sure to remove the movement penalty on your heavy armor by having your crafter/blacksmith work it on an anvil.




Gives you the ability to perform attacks of opportunity.


Talent_MyPrecious.jpgMy Precious

Every time you hit or get hit, your gear has a 50% chance of not losing durability.

Starting Skills

Skill_Warrior_PowerAttack.jpgMelee Power Stance

Increase both the damage of your melee attacks and your movement speed at the cost of your precision. (Toggle Stance.)



Perform a whirlwind attack, hitting enemies around you for 120% weapon (slashing) damage.


Skill_Warrior_RushAttack.jpgBattering Ram

Rush forward in a straight line to a point far away, hitting all enemies in your path with X-Y slashing damage. 80% chance to set Knocked Down status for 1 turns


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