Find the Witch

Quest Giver
Location Luculla Forest
Suggested Level 10
Next Quest Investigating the Mines
Previous Quest A Mysterious Murder

Find the Witch is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest is particularly long and will become the main quest of your journey for a good part of the game. It is best to continue to level up as you progress through this Quest as you have a challenging boss fight awaiting you at the end.

Important NPCs



  1. Talk to Zombie Jake after defeating Evelyn to initiate this quest.
  2. Leave the city of Cyseal using the North-Eastern gate and follow the path till Luculla Forest
  3. Cross the bridge to the right
  4. Defeat the cultists who captured the witch
  5. Defeat the summoner
  6. Destroy the barrier
  7. Teleport through the green mirror portal in the cottage
    (Complete The Lady in the Lake side quest)
  8. Kill the cultists in the tunnel and collect their dropped spell
  9. Find and kill Vaelanna, friend of the White Witch to obtain Vaelanna's Orders.
  10. Read the Orders or the cultist-Spell in front of the lake to open a portal to Hiberheim
  11. Find Almina, the Witch's assistant
  12. Complete the Eternal Winter
  13. Obtain Fire Rune from Sua the Fire King
  14. Go back to the White Witch and summon Sua the Fire King to break her free of her icy prison
  15. Talk to the witch to complete the Quest



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