Fun With Fungi

~Quest Giver~
Mushroom Icari
Quest Type Side
Location Luculla Forest
Linked Quests Find the Witch

Fun With Fungi is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest can be started by speaking with any of the two large mushrooms outside the Witch's Cabin, one north and one south of the cabin.

This quest forms part of the quest Find the Witch. Doing this quest enables you to disable the barrier around The Witch's Cabin to continue that quest.

Important NPCs

  • Mushrooms



  • + 7150 XP
  • Barrier Removal Spell



  1. Speak to the Mushroom
  2. Find the Scroll
  3. Use the Scroll
  4. (Optional) Kill the Mushrooms for extra XP.



  • Talk to Mushroom Icari and ask it about the barrier to start the quest. You will have to solve three riddles to make him talk. The answers are: An ear of corn, a Stone, and a butterfly.
  • After this he will tell you about a spell that can remove this barrier (In the EE you get the scroll after answering all three riddles correctly, its in your inventory (in the ingredients tab) simply read it in front of the barrier).
  • The scroll is located on top of a hill above the Blind Valley with a few goblins sleeping about. The path up there is filled with traps so you will need your character with the highest Perception to detect these mines early.
  • On your way up you will come across a pressure plate laid out through the entire width of the ground. Stepping on this plate will trigger a lot of traps. The smart way of getting around it is standing close to it, putting a teleporter pyramid on the other side and teleporting there.
  • Continue further till you come across a large smoke cloud blocking your path. Put a barrel or crate on top of the vent to reveal the hidden traps around.
  • On top of the hill, you can find a lever to disable all the traps. There will also be a mound next to the washing tub. Dig it to find the Barrier Removal Spell.
  • Return to the Witch's Cabin and read it by the barrier to make it disappear.
  • You can then proceed to kill the mushrooms for some extra XP if you desire.
    • The mushrooms are incredibly annoying to fight as elemental spells will cause a new mushroom to spawn.
    • Use attacks and weapons with no elemental attributes to kill them without spawning more.

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