Goblin Trouble

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Luculla Forest
Linked Quests - A Long Fuse
- The Naked Truth

Goblin Trouble is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. Speak with Lawrence in his office in Silverglen, Luculla Forest to start the quest.

Important NPCs

  • Lawrence
  • Dreksis



  • Up to 34,960 XP (Depending on your choices)



  1. Speak with Lawrence
  2. Go to Luculla Mines
  3. Talk to Dreksis
  4. Kill Dreksis
  5. Talk to Mittix
  6. Pickup Dreksis' Head
  7. Give it to Lawrence



  • Speak with Lawrence about the trouble in the mine to initiate the quest and learn about goblins that have taken over the mine.
  • Head over to the Luculla Mines and find Dreksis in one of the prison cells
  • Open the cell door by using the lever. This will cause the goblins and Dreksis to attack you. Kill them all.
  • Then talk with the Imp Mittix near by. He will tell you that the Death Knights cannot be harmed and you can free him and send him to Homestead for additional XP.
  • Pickup Dreksis' Head and take it back to Lawrence. This will complete the quest.

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    • Anonymous

      There's also an option to use the detonator in the nearby cave (behind the closed door and a bunch of Immaculates) to kill Dreksis and other goblins inside the cage, skipping the fight. But Mittix will die in this case.

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