Gold Farming

Gold Farming in Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition is difficult but still possible. This page will show you important tips that can help you optimise the amount of gold you get through your playthrough.


Gold Farming

  • Identify items before selling them.
    If you lack the skill (or it's too low) used in the item identification (Loremaster), most of the vendors can offer you the service of identification for a small price, increasing their bid on the item by a great deal.

  • Improve reputation and attitude.
    Increase your reputation to further improve trading prices. Your attitudes with merchants also directly affects how much gold you can get from selling items to them. Trade often to increase atttitude.

  • Stealing.
    The quickest way to farm gold early on in the game is by stealing any of these Precious Items. To avoid complications, it is best to buy an  Invisibility Potion or learn the skill Walk_In_Shadows_Small Walk in Shadows or  Invisibility. You need to go around houses, dungeons and marketplaces stealing paintings, golden cups and tableware (plates and cutlery). Then simply sell these to vendors that have gold (or barter with them for the items you want.)

  • Crafting.
    At later stages of the game, the best way to make money out of nothing, while gaining XP as well is through crafting. Turn cheap ingredients into Rare or Superior items and then sell them with your character with highest Bartering stat.

    Good examples include:
    • Superior Dagger = Any crappy knife + Anvil (sells for upto 700g depending on stats on it... Maximum AP points +1 is the best stat.)
    • Superior Leather Armor = Animal Skins + Magic Needle and Thread. (Can sell for up to 800g)
    • Superior Robes = Cloth Scraps + Magic Needle and Thread (Can sell for up to 800g)
    • Superior Plate = Metal Scraps + Hammer (Can be sold for upto 1000g)
    • If you have Crafting 5+, buy blank scrolls whenever you can and turn them into Blank Skillbooks which sell for ~1000 gold each.

      You will get more if you use scrolls with higher than 12 skill level to make a spell skillbook (~1300g for 12 skill level and ~2000g for 18 skill level Skillbook).

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    • Anonymous

      Some enemies in the game will have a conversation with you and allow to trade before fighting you. When you kill them they will drop any item you sold them. So you can sell any valueable before the fight starts and loot them back again after you kill the vendor.

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