Headless Nick

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Black Cove, Cyseal
Linked Quests Warming the Crowd

Headless Nick is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Important NPCs

  • Reginald
  • Talking Head





  1. Speak with Katarina
  2. Talk to the Talking Head
  3. Go to the Library to get material for your show - talk to the orc lady and get permission to read the books, then pick Cracking up a Crowd, the definitive guide or Cyseal Genesis: A play
  4. Hire Gallager who is near the permformers (100 gold) and then perform a duo play:
  • Enough, Cyrus
  • My gods, could it be
  • what is it
  • Look, Sealia
  • Land
  • Land, my sweet, land at last
  1. As soon as you show is finished, run to the other stage and Speak with the talking head on Reginald's stage and pick him up.
  2. Head to Black Cove port (West of Cyseal past the mines and Orcs), and kill the Source Abomination within. Behind the mini-boss, find a painting and use it to reveal a button, that shows a lever to a hatch. Then you can use Teleportation or Shadow Step to put one of your party on the other side of the locked door to obtain Black Cove Key and then unlock the door.
  3. Nick is at the end of the path which is full of traps. If you don't save some barrels you will have difficulty getting through this area.
  4. Speak with Nick on the ship. If you have his head and have defeated Pontius Pirate he will give you the "Hey Hey Do the Zombie Stomp" Trophy/Achievement



  • This quest begins by speaking with a ghost named Lillian. She can be found in the Black Cove in Cyseal.
  • She will tell you about her father Headless Nick and how he lost his head to the pirates. She will then ask you to return it if you find it.
  • Once you have completed Warming the Crowd, you will notice Reginald's talking head. That is in fact Headless Nick. If you speak with him again, you will be given a choice to let him be or re-unite him with his body and daughter.
  • If you choose to take him, return to Lillian to complete the quest. (+ 2100 XP)
  • If you choose to let him stay with Reginald, when you return to Lillian to tell her about this, she will be unhappy and attack you. Defeating her and Headless Nick will earn you additional +1290 XP.

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    • Anonymous

      So I'm in the cellar with the head and the spare key but the Head insists that he's not in the cellar - first the quest with the earth/wind/fire/air graves didn't work, upgrading weapons doesnt work, now that... I'm getting a bit annoyed right now (playing on PS4)

      • The EE edition is different. Start off at the fairgrounds where Nick's head is, get Reginald and the crowd away then talk to Nicks head and take it 935 xp. Go to Reginalds house and drop Nicks head in the basement and talk to it again 2,100 xp. Go to the Black Cove all the way down in the back of the docks where nick's body is at the Waypoint. You can do 1 of 2 things. You can just kill Nick for an extra 500 xp, or you can give him his head back and he gives you the Nick summoning skill book. Depends on if you want the extra experience, or the summoning book.

        • So I just skipped the whole quest line... Went to the cove without the quest, found headless nick and then was like.. "I saw his head!". Got back there, smoke-arrow, stole the head and just headed back. No quest but happy zombie. Super glad it worked. :D

          • Anonymous

            I killed his body by accident. Then found his head and came back, put it down next to the ash pile, he started saying something and then "poof!" vanished... I'm now not sure how to finish the quest.

            • Anonymous

              In the enhanced edition, Reginald's house is behind the sheep pen next to Thelyron's house. After you talk to the head in his cellar after retrieving the key from the pen with one sheep, he tells you to go to his body in the Black Cove. After killing all the pirates you can reunite Nick with his body.

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