Infiltrating the Immaculates

Location Luculla Forest
Suggested Level 14+
Next Quest A Dark Matter
Previous Quest The Initiation

Infiltrating the Immaculates is a main Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. To infiltrate the Immaculates, you first need to join them. Therefore you need to complete The Initiation before you proceed with this quest*. You can initiate this quest by speaking with Samid, the distressed Immaculate who tells you of many atrocities that the Immaculates are committing with the use of Sourcery.

NOTE: This quest is intended to be the final quest in the Luculla Forest region therefore it is recommended to complete all other Main Quests in this region first so as to avoid any difficulties.

Important NPCs





  1. Meet Samid when you first enter Luculla Forest and hear his story.
  2. Speak with Loic and complete The Initiation
  3. Use they Key you obtained from Loic to enter the basement of the Chapel in Silverglen
  4. Use the Portal to teleport to Luculla Forest North, near the Immaculate village of Sacred Stone.
  5. Find the Immaculate Cathedral.
  6. Stop Mangoth from sacrificing human to create Blood Stones
  7. Defeat the summons and chase down Mangoth to a secret room at the lower floor
  8. Kill Mangoth
  9. Take Leandra's Diary and a Vial of Leandra's Blood from the secret room
  10. Return to Homestead and talk to Icara, the White Witch you rescued earlier from Find the Witch.
  11. She will combine the Vial of Leandra's Blood with Leandra's Spell (which you obtain from Investigating the Mines) to create the Death Knight Bane Skillbook.



  • Initiate this quest by running into Samid the first time you enter Luculla Forest
  • Make your way to the town of Silverglen and speak with the Priest Loic and complete The Initiation quest to first become an Immaculate.
  • Now that you are in, the infiltrating can begin!
  • At the end of The Initiation you would have received a key. This key is used at the Chapel in Silverglen to access Loic's office that is located beneath the church.
  • Inside the office, you will find a portal that takes you to the eastern edge of Luculla Forest, near the Immaculate village of Sacred Stone. You need to teleport through and then make your way to the Immaculate Cathedral.


  • The Path
  • To do that, continue along the path in front of you and then head Northwest till you come across a stone bridge. This bridge is littered with mines and death.
  • The key to crossing here is to carefully follow the blood trail. It is ideal to separate your characters and patiently navigate them through the bridge. Even so, getting through without incident is not guaranteed. Having a character with high perception does not help much either until you are right next to the mind, so you really have to be careful! If you accidentally trip a mine, you should heal before continuing on.
    • Alternatively, you could use skills like Fireball to light up the whole bridge and trigger any mines that way. However this would take much longer since you often have to wait for the fire to go out each time and cast multiple times to clear a path for yourself.


  • The Immaculate Cathedral
  • At the end of the bridge, you will encounter two Orcs (Level 14) that you must defeat. They are both melee fighters and a relatively quick fight.
  • Then turn right at the intersection and head down the stairs to come across a couple of Immaculate Guards guarding the entrance to the Immaculate Cathedral. Here you have multiple ways of getting through them. Choose either one of the following and then enter the Cathedral:
    • You can show them Loic's amulet ( that you can get from The Initiation by looting Loic's body ) to convince them that you have his blessing to go through unharmed; OR
    • You can charm them through a minigame of Rock,Paper,Scissors to let you go through; OR
    • You can just kill them if you are thirsty for blood or in need of some XP.
  • The whole Cathedral is about hidden switches or levers that you will need to activate to proceed deeper and deeper into the Cathedral.
  • Light the 4 coal baskets in the first room to open a secret passage through the northwest wall (on the left).


  • The Sacrifice
  • Head northwest till you come across a human sacrifice in progress, being lead by Mangoth. You need to stop him from sacrificing human blood to create Blood Stones. He eventually he will flee to a lower floor in the dungeon, leaving behind him a few summons for you to engage with.
    • There will be 2 elemental demons - Fire & Poison. The fire elemental can use Flare and Burning Touch and melee pretty hard. They are both immune to fire, and actually regenerate Vitality from it. Hydrosophist skills are most effective here. Deal with these 2 first and the fight should become easier.
    • There will also be 2 rangers in the back that will use a variety of special arrows. As long as you deal with the elemental demons first, this fight should not be too troublesome.
  • After the fight, find a lever to the south of the altar, near one of the pillars to reveal a hidden passageway under the altar that heads into the basement where Mangoth is hiding.


  • Mangoth
  • Once in the basement, you will have to activate four switches in a particular order to gain access to the secret room where Mangoth is hiding.
  • These switches are hard to spot so look carefully at the pictures below with the text to find them. (You can click the pictures to enlarge them)
  • The order in which they are to be activated is described in the book Necronomicon of Cooking that you can find in the library. The order is as follows:
    • Switch #1: At the start of this room, right next to the "West" arrow of the painted compass on the floor. It is under the center-most lit coal basket.
    • Switch #2: On the Southeastern wall of the central room where Mangoth is hiding.
    • Switch #3: On the Northwestern side of the room. It is on the outer wall.
    • Switch #4: On the Northern most edge of the room. It is on the outer wall.
  • The central room will then unlock. You can enter it to begin the fight against Mangoth and his summons.
  • As soon as you loot the vial of blood, Mangoth will reappear as you are leaving the room. This battle is intended to be the final battle in Luculla Forest and is therefore going to be the toughest you have faced this far.
  • Mangoth will regenerate from blood surfaces. He will also cast Blood Rain and Immune to Burning on self if hit by a fire spell so these are ineffective against him. He is also a melee character with a sword so he can damage you up close and personal too. While it may be instinctual to cast rain to help against the demons, Mangoth can also shoot lightning which can stun your team members who are wet.
  • The best strategy to deal with the fight is to block the entrance with your tank/heavily armored characters so that the number of enemies you are facing at one time is reduced significantly. This is key because you are outnumbered in this fight. Note: Mangoth is quite aggressive and will knockdown your tanks and push through the door if your ranged characters are too far away from the central room.
  • The elemental demons are the same as you faced before. The Supplicants are generally melee attackers.
  • After defeating Mangoth ensure you have the diary and the vial of Leandra's blood and then teleport back to Homestead and talk to Icara, the White Witch.
  • She will combine the Vial of Leandra's Blood with Leandra's Spell (which you obtain from Investigating the Mines) to create the Death Knight Bane Skillbook.

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    • When you meet Samid in the forest to get the initial info from the quests, while still in conversation have someone put some oil fields in the area he runs away in so you can attack and kill him afterwards for 4550 XP.

      • Anonymous

        I found this fight much easier by arranging the chairs in a semi circle leaving only a gap for one to enter. Also our characters should be inside the room and it's a piece of cake. Teleport one enemy at a time and bang him to death.

        • Anonymous

          Theres a book in the room: the necromicon openning. The name of the autor gives the combination in order to procede. There are 4 buttons. Authors name in mine was ENS West and it worked (east, north, south, west accordingly to the compass in the room). Hope it helps.

          • Anonymous

            Okay I did everything in the order shown above and the door does not open. I haven't found anything on line but I am wondering if the console version has a bug of some sort? Also there is no Necronomicon of Cooking only Necrononicon of Openings is all I found in the basement of the cathedral.

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