Jareth is a level 15 Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.




Level 15
Difficulty Normal
Location Luculla Forest
(Subterranean River)

Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

  • Jareth summons 4 blood animals at the beginning of the fight. (Cost: 5 AP)
  • He uses attacks like Poison Hail, Poison Ball, Skill_Earth_DeadlySpores.jpgDeadly Spores, skill_Earth_Earthquake.jpgEarthquake and Staff_of_Magus_small.jpgStaff of Magus.
  • If Bairdotr joins his side, she uses a variety of arrows and potions and casts staticons_Muted.pngMuted.

Tactician Mode

  • Jareth will use staticons_Hasted.pngHasted on himself if his HP <50%.


Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      14 Mar 2020 22:32  

      Jareth fight in utterly shambolic. High initiative, summons 5 high initiative troops. Without insane speed, you get bumped so far back half your team is dead before your turn comes around.

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