Kitty Love

~Quest Giver~
Unsinkable Sam
Quest Type Side
Location King Crab Inn, Cyseal
Linked Quests Crabs Versus Skeletons

Kitty Love is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest requires you to have the Pet Pal Talent. You can begin this quest by speaking with Unsinkable Sam, a cat in the King Crab Inn/Tavern at Cyseal. He will ask you to investigate why Maxine the cat is not interested in him.

Important NPCs

  • Unsinkable Sam (Cat)
  • Maxine (Cat)
  • Source Nightmare (Miniboss)





  1. Speak with Unsinkable Sam
  2. Go to Mayor Cecil's office to find Maxine
  3. Return to Sam with Maxine's message
  4. Find Sam's lost collar.
  5. Complete Crabs Versus Skeletons
  6. Use Ponitus' Key to open a locked door
  7. Defeat Source Nightmare to receive Sam's Collar.
  8. Return to Sam



  • This quest requires the Pet Pal Talent as you have to speak with Unsinkable Sam the cat.
  • Find Sam in the King Crab Tavern and speak with him. He will ask you to investigate Maxine the Mayor's cat. He wants to know why she is not interested in him.
  • Speak with Maxine and then return to Sam with her message. He will need you to find his Lost Collar for him.
  • Complete Crabs Versus Skeletons side quest first to continue this quest to find Sam's missing collar.
  • Use Ponitus' key to unlock a door directly south of the area where the Orcs and Skeletons were fighting.
  • Continue along that path until you find Source Nightmare. Kill him to obtain Sam's Collar.
  • Return the collar to Sam.
  • Follow Sam to the Townhall to complete the quest.

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