Legendary Items Farming

Legendary Item Farming in Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition is known by various other names such as "save-scumming" or "Loot Farming". It is essentially taking advantage of the game's random loot generator system using saved games. 

It is possible to save just before opening chests, trading with vendors or killing bosses. This in a way gives you nearly limitless number of opportunities to try and try again what you did, till you get the items you need.


Legendary Item Farming


  • Vendors.
    Vendors through the game can sell legendary items. These items are generally unlocked after you have reached a certain level in the game (appears to be ~Level 5+). These items can be expensive so you want to make sure you find the right one you need. Just save before trading with these merchants, try out the item and if you are unsatisfied, reload the save before you made your purchase and this should spawn a new legendary item with the merchant. 

    The vendor's inventory restocks every time you gain a level. So it is a good idea to repeat this process above every time you level up. The level of the items sold is also typically around your party level (±1 level range).

    List of Vendors who sell legendary items:


  • Chests.
    Chests, because of the random loot generator system, also have chance to provide legendary or very rare items. Save just before opening them and reload the game if you didn't get an item of sufficient rarity. 

    Chests known to stock rare items:
    • Esmeralda's Basement: The chest in the secret room (access through a switch on the wall)
    • The Inn: The closet in the first locked room. Drops only rings or amulets.
    • Legionnaire HQ: The chest in the treasure room in the HQ Jail.
    • Cecil's Private Office: Cupboard in the north west corner. Drops only rings or amulets.
    • Mortician Roberts' House: The boar head (Trophy) on the wall behind the bed in his room. Drops only rings and amulets.
    • Cyseal West
      • The two chests in the middle of the last room after solving the twin dungeons puzzle. 
      • Box on top of desk in basement with Snorri and The Strongman quest. Drops only rings or amulets.
    • Cyseal North:
      • The burning chest that hops away after it is extinguished.
      • Hidden mound south east of speaking statues. (Northeast)
      • Cave next to the statues, first wood pile in the corner behind Bellegar. Drops only rings or amulets. (Northwest)
    • Evelyn's Secret Lair: Box on top of desk at the bottom of the lair (where you fight the boss)
    • Black Cove:
      • The Chest hidden in the foliage when you press the Ominous Switch.
      • Destroying the chest containing the Blood Stone after fighting Pontius.
    • Withered Gardens:
      • Hidden mound (get the treasure map from the painter in town)
      • King's Chest West. East no longer has legendaries.
      • Box (next to Lady Anna). Drops only rings and amulets.
    • Cyseal South:
      • Chest in one of the storage rooms with lightning cloud (lv 5 Chest)
      • Chest in trap house near furnace
    • Luculla Forest
      • Troll King's Cave - There are two chests across from each other near the outer path on the north side of the cave.
      • Sacred Stone Village - Chest behind the bloody waterfall
      • Immaculate's Trial - Ornate Chest besides Loic
      • Cathedral - Chest behind the altar when you first meet Mangoth. Chest behind the North pillar in the basement of the Cathedral.
    • Hiberheim:
      • Forge Entrance - Chest directly north of entrance to forge
      • Prison Hatch Entrance - Hidden chest above prison hatch entrance. Look thoroughly to the north after the piles of bones around trees, you also get a map from teller of secrets showing this on your map. A second chest inside a crystal (break it) also drops legendary loot.
      • Prison Hatch Dungeon - Directly above the Hiberheim Prison portal. There are two chests guarded by a Sentinel with lava shoots. The farther chest has legendary loot.
      • Elemental Forge - Chest top right corner of the Elemental Forge.
      • Hunter's Edge - Talking chest on the upper floor of the Wizard's House.
    • Dark Forest
      • Bellegar's Barrel located northeast of Greal.
      • Bellegar's Maze - There are two chests on each side of the maze. One which guarantees a legendary where the other has a chance for it.
      • Chest on the northeast platform of Temple of Death. To access it, cover the two lava grates near the Sentinel and hit a hidden switch in the bushes.
      • Buried chest behind the Dark Forest North Waypoint. Require high perception to see.

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    • Anonymous

      As far I know from various forums save-scumming doesn't work in the enhanced edition. The only loots you can re-roll are the ones found at vendors, but not with the save-load trick. If you go to trade at least 1 real-time hour after you last opened their trade window (or if you leveled up since then) their inventory will be re-generated, but most of the times the goods are mostly the same. Personally I don't like this decision from the devs but probably they wanted to push players towards crafting and smithing.

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