Love Lost At The Lighthouse

~Quest Giver~
Samson Ghost
Samson's Ghost
Quest Type Side
Location Lighthouse, Cyseal
Linked Quests - The Scaredy Pact
- Crabs Versus Skeletons

Love Lost At The Lighthouse is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest is obtained from Samson's Ghost who is found in the basement of the Lighthouse at the Western side of Cyseal.

NOTE: It is advised to start the quest The Scaredy Pact before coming to this quest to be efficient.

Important NPCs

  • Samson's Ghost
  • Desdemona's Ghost





  1. Speak with Samson's Ghost
  2. Complete Crabs Versus Skeletons
  3. Use Ponitus's key in the Black Cove
  4. Find Desdemona's Ghost
  5. Return to the Lighthouse



  • This quest begins when you speak with Samson's Ghost. It is best to do the quest The Scaredy Pact first as this is how you encounter Samson first and what he says can be used both in this and that quest.
  • After speaking with him, you will learn how he murdered his wife as he thought she was having an affair. He will not ask you to do anything beyond that,but you can then continue this quest after completing Crabs Versus Skeletons.
  • After completion, you will find Ponitus's key and more importantly, the Black Ominous Key. You will need this to unlock a door in the Black Cove, South of where the Orcs and Skeletons fought. Once unlocked, just continue along the linear path, fighting the mini-bosses in your way till you come across a female ghost figure.
  • This is Desdemona's Ghost. You will learn that Desdemona was Samson's wife. Upon learning that Samson was the cause of her death, she will become mad and head to the lighthouse to confront Samson. (+ 1050 XP)
  • Return to the Lighthouse and speak with them both. You will see Samson begging for forgiveness and Desdemona will ask you for advice on what to do. Choosing to forgive him will earn you +1 Compassionate. Choosing to punish him will earn you +1 Heartless. But whichever option you pick, you will earn + 2100 XP.
  • Once you finish talking to them, you can manually target Desdemona and attack the spirit,  if you kill her in 1 hit you get 645 XP before they disappear and manually complete the above quest, getting both the quest reward 2100 XP and 645 XP for killing her ghost.

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    • If you have a strong enough attack, once you talk to them, attack Desdemonia manually if you can kill her in 1 hit before they disappear you'll get 645 XP and then the quest reward (2100 XP). Samson gives less experience so don't attack him

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