Luculla Forest Treasure Map

Secrets from bought maps:

(1) Chest
Chest in the corner at the end of the road
(2) Chest
Chest secured with many traps on a hill
(3) Skillbook
Chest underground at the end of the right passage, on the right on a small hill with chest

(4) Chest
You have to teleport near chest or jump over the river

(5) Buried chest

Chest behind the waterfall

(7) Bloodstone
After destroying a totem in the middle of goblin village

(8) Bloodstone
After fight you'll find it in front of the altar

(9) Hidden lair
Many stuff and chests, and also bloodstone

(10) Chest
Chest near Witch's hut.
Chest 3/4 – First chest of four to find, where all four allows to open "Last Chest" chest in The End of Time. You have to solve the riddle with portals to get to chest.

Precious Items:
(1) Chest
Behind the tree
(2) Chest
In the bush
(3) Chest
Guarded by spiders
(4) Buried chest
Behind a house

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