Malediction weakens and curses an enemy.
  • 100% base chance to cause Status Effect Cursed and Weakened for 3 turns.
action_point-icon.jpgAP COST
  • 4 Use
saving_throws-icon.jpgSAVING THROW
  • 5 turn(s) Cooldown
  • 15.0m Range

Cursed lowers a target's chance to hit by 30%. Weak lowers a target's damage by 50%.

Malediction is a Skill in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


Malediction Information

  • Recommended Attribute Points: 8 Intelligence - Each Intelligence point below the recommended reduced the Status Effect chance of the Skill by 10%, while each point of Intelligence above the recommended grants a 5% bonus chance. Each even point of Intelligence (6, 8, 10, 12, etc) will reduce the Cooldown of this Skill by 1 turn.



Witchcraft Skill
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    • Anonymous

      this is a great spell to cast on archers
      it will reduce their spell arrow damage and most of their normal shots will miss

      • Anonymous

        Is is fine as a soft CC in aggressive opportunist parties but I only cast it for 3 AP with elemental affinity. 4 is too much for the effect.

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