The notes for Patch v1.0.107 (Aug 8, 2014) of Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition are shown below.

Patch Information


Game Changes:

  • Introduced UI scaling
  • Fixed translations of the journal, level names and secrets
  • Fix for corrupted packed files
  • Fixed the modding menu
  • Fixed Henchman XP issue when hiring
  • Fixed status icons being empty when a character is charmed
  • Fixed issues when characters stopped following each other
  • Fixed crash when closing trade before icons are loaded
  • Fixed invulnerable status of death knights being reapplied after save/load
  • Minimap moved back to top layer
  • Fixed rare crash when resurrecting
  • Fixed Henchmen changing visual after save/load
  • Fixed race condition with cooperative dialogs
  • Improved memory footprint on win32
  • Fixed enemy portrait targeting with special arrows


Editor fixes

  • AI grid generation fix
  • It's now easier to add new scripts
  • Fixed a number of crashes
  • Improved error reporting when there's an issue with file copying
  • Remove Perforce status icons if you don't have perforce

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