Politician is a Talent in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. 




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    • Anonymous

      If you role play merchant or something this is 2 points, Considerate +1, rings and belt (amulet for barter) and you can get +2 reputation on start of game and +1 barter. Each point increase attitude by 5 points so if you really invest it can be interesting as attitude of 100 probably give around 30% better prices and what ever exp from persuasions. Whit rising reputation this can be interesting and save gold as 5 reputation is around 100 gold when gifting items or gold to merchants.
      Even though this talent is overlooked nobody really can deny amount of micromanagement over gold and items, so to say this accumulate over time and can save more then accounted for.
      When synergized as all things do produce results its just not so apparently obvious if you don't jump into it strong and fast.
      Not every build can afford this but when it happen its one way to experience game.

      • Anonymous

        It cost you 3 ability points to gain 1 attribute, so if you want to use Charisma it can save you 6 ability point to get level 5 with n o other bosting. This probably scale pass lvl 5 for Attitude i imagine. With 3 bonus points one only need to invest 3 ability points for lvl 5 Charisma, 6 points if you wish to keep your intelligence.

        Attitude of 100 can save probably around >20% on prices, you need to gift value 10 gold x level of merchant for 1 point of attitude so it's worth considering its benefits past minigames.

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