Pontius the Pirate is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Pontius the Pirate



Black Cove (Cyseal)

Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode
  • Pontius can staticons_Hasted.pngHaste and Skill_Warrior_Rage.jpgRage himself.
  • He can also make your characters staticons_Muted.pngMuted or staticons_Frightened.pngFrightened.
  • He will have with him 2 Pirate Bowmen(Rangers), 1 Pirate Pyromancer(Mage) and 2 Skeletal Pirates (Melee)

Tactician Mode
  • He can teleport barrels directly onto players and cast Ethereal Soles.
  • He will also cast Iron Command on any character that uses the Death Blaster.

Tips & Tricks

  • There is Pontius's Death Blaster on the boat. Use it to destroy any enemy at random.
    • NOTE: If you use the Death Blaster while not in combat, it can target anyone, including yourself.

    • Anonymous

      27 Jul 2018 10:06  

      How to win without losing a single point of blood:
      1. Separate 1 character from the group
      2. Let the rest of the group trigger the dialogue with Pontius; the other character stay behind
      3. Make the separated character sneak to the death blaster (Be careful of the mine on the plank of the ship)
      4. Enter the combat. Your character at the death blaster should still be unseen by Pontius and NOT in the combat.
      5. Wait until it's 1 of the characters' combat turn. Now you can shoot the death blaster until all the enemies are dead! (The 1 at the death blaster was unseen and outside the battle the whole time)

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