General Information

The rock-paper-scissors mini-game is used to convince NPC's to do various things that they ordinarily wouldn't do, helping the player in some way. It can advance quests, give information, give items, avoid fights, etc. Winning the minigame typically results in some exp. The minigame can also be used to settle disputes between characters or when playing co-op and each player wishes to take different actions.

Tips and Tricks

  • Quick-saving and quick-loading are very useful when a player cannot be bothered to change equipment to increase their charisma level.
  • Pressing the space bar auto-resolves the minigame. This combined with the above tactic speeds through the rock-paper-scissors games.
  • After getting the charisma exp from avoiding fights, players who wish to min-max their character can decide to fight afterward anyway, getting all experience possible.

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