Rogue Dread Lords

~Quest Giver~
Immaculate Corpse
Quest Type Side
Location Luculla Mines
Linked Quests - Hide-And-Mikas
- Miner Control
- Goblin Trouble

Rogue Dread Lords is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. This quest begins by spotting any immaculate corpse in the Luculla Mines.

Important NPCs

  • Mikas
  • Jaline
  • Elizabeth
  • Kaden



  • +5460 XP
  • +22,100 XP (If you choose to fight them)



  1. Talk to Mikas
  2. Talk to Jaline
  3. Talk to Elizabeth
  4. Talk to Kaden
  5. Convince / Fight Them



  • Speak with Mikas about Hell Lords to learn about the Black Knights. Mikas is located just a couple steps away from the 'Luculla Mines - Entrance' Portal. You will come across a talking wooden crate. At least, that is what it seems to be. Move one of the wooden crates to discover that Mikas was hiding there.
  • Speak with Elizabeth about the Night Knights to learn about the ground trembling when they come close.
  • Speak with Kaden southwest across the bridge and the minefield in Luculla Mines. You will have to win the RPS game to avoid fighting them all. If you lose, you will have to fight them all.
  • You will learn from Kaden that the Death Knights are hostile to them because they messed up when creating some for The Conduit. The quest will then end.

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