Shadowblade is a Class in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.


Shadowblade Information

"When the Sorcerer went mad, only those who could flee were spared a terrible death. The fleet-footed Shadowblade escaped, but the rest of the village did not.

As a wandering orphan, thieves, beggars, pirates, and murderers taught the Shadowblade that man was no more than a beast, and the laws of nature were simple: Kill or be killed; eat or go hungry.

But a survivor among survivors needed an advantage. Posing as the child of nobleman, it was almost easy to gain access to the Academy of the Source Hunters. Here the most elite secrets of magic were offered freely, and the Shadowblade perfected them all.

By the time the ruse was discovered, it was too late. The academy had a prized pupil, and the Shadowblade has found that hunting Sorcerers satisfied the soul better than picking pockets. Usually."


Starting Gear

  • Toxic Grenade
  • Cloth Armor
  • Knife and Sword



  • You'd want to use this class members to sneak in for a first strike and then quickly retreat behind other party members to support them or use magic attacks from a distance.
  • Shadowblades will not do a high amount of damage in a single hit, but the longer they stay alive, the more useful they become. Pair your Shadowblade with a defensive Knight or Fighter to distract your enemies towards your partners and then deal damage from afar.




Talent BackStabberBack-Stabber

Allows a character to backstab with Daggers, Knives, Rondels and Rapiers. Back-stabs have a 100% chance for a critical strike.


Talent LeechLeech

Heals you when standing in blood. (Note: usually only during your turn)

Starting Skills


Skill Air LightningStrikeThunder Jump

Jump from one target to the other, hitting a maximum of 2 targets, stunning them and dealing X-Y air damage. 50% chance to cause status effect Stunned for 5 turns.


Skill Rogue WalkInShadowsWalk in Shadows

Become one with the shadows. 100% base chance to set status effect Invisible for 5 turns


Skill Source VampiricTouchVampiric Touch

Heal yourself with the life force of someone else. Damages them for X - Y piercing damage. 200% chance to heal 70 vitality.


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