Slaves and Masters

~Quest Giver~
Quest Type Side
Location Luculla Forest
Linked Quests - Frederick's Blood Stone

Slaves and Masters is a Side Quest in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Important NPCs

  • Yox
  • Frederick



  • Up To 7150 XP (Depending on your choices)



  1. Talk to Yox
  2. Talk to Frederick
  3. Find "Latest Research"
  4. Talk to Yox again
  5. Tell Yox to stay / Return to Frederick.



  • Talk to Frederick (he is at coordinate x:142 y:241, in a pool of blood)
  • Then enter Maradino's Lair (it is accessible via a "Stone Slab" next to a tree on the cliff above Frederick).
  • Clear out the Lair; while there, talk to Yox (near a campfire around coordinate x: 445, y:166)
  • Yox will ask, "What can Yox possibly do?"
    • 1) "This imp ought to stay here." (gain +1 Independent and 3150 exp) Yox remains in the cave as a result.
    • 2) "It's time for Yox to face the music!" (quest ENDS, gain +1 Obedient and 4500 exp) Yox leaves the cave and dies.
  • If you chose option 1, explore the cave and find Maradino's Latest Research, then brew the recipe (1 Apple, 1 Pumpkin) to create a "Filter of the Fearless Imp" potion.
  • You will then need to do one of the following (likely due to a bug):
    • Exit and re-enter the cave, then walk back to Yox. 
    • While in the cave, save game, exit to menu, then reload your save.
  • With a character who has the potion, talk to Yox and choose to give him the "Elixir of Courage." (gain 4500 exp)
  • Follow Yox to Frederick. (quest ENDS); note:
    • If Frederick is alive, you can watch Yox confront him and you will be given an opportunity to resolve the Frederick's Blood Stone quest.
    • If Frederick is dead, Yox will simply move on.

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    • Anonymous

      If you convince Yox to talk with Frederik you'll get 4500xp and Frederik will kill him.
      If you say that Yox can stay you will get 3150xp. (If you read "Last Research" and crafted the potion you will be given an option to give the potion for Yox, you will get 4500xp)

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