SparkMaster 5000 is a level ?? Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

SparkMaster 5000




Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode
  • Using any Aerotheurge skills on the SparkMaster actually charges it electrically.
  • He will be supported by 2 Undead Mages that will charge the Robot.
  • When the SparkMaster 5000 is charged,he will say "Woohoo I'm Charged!" and then he will cast a powerful lightning Ultrabolt.
  • There is also an Undead Archer that is easy to deal with.
  • The SparkMaster has low initiative and always acts last or among the last
  • If his HP falls below 50%, but one of the Mages is still alive, he will ask for "repairs" which heal him.
  • He will not actively melee foes until all of his allies are dead. But, he'll melee a target if it is close enough.
  • Until all of his allies die, he will remain in his position and use Iron Dart.

Tactician Mode
  • The 2 Mages will be behind the robot instead.
  • SparkMaster will also fire a salvo of missiles (fire-damage) that fall on the target 1 turn later.

Tips & Tricks

  • SparkMaster reacts to Aerotheurge damage instantly. (i.e. it will charge him even if he is knocked down). However, he will only say he is charged and use the attack when he gets back up.
  • The Mages will not charge SparkMaster if he is staticons_Stunned.pngStunned, statIcons_KnockedDown.pngKnocked Down, statIcons_Petrified.pngPetrified or statIcons_Frozen.pngFrozen.
  • You can force SparkMaster to spend its charge by activating the Levers in the room or using the Remote Controller that you receive from Arhu in Arhu's Failed Experiment.
  • Different commands on the controller have different effects :
    • Angry, Angry Sleep --- Disperse the electric charge
    • Sleepy, Sleepy, Happy --- Physical weapons disabled
    • Angry, Happy, Angry --- Vent steam (creates a steam cloud)
    • Happy, Happy, Happy --- Party mode
    • Angry, Angry, Angry --- Destroys remote controller

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    • Anonymous

      24 Jul 2018 02:07  

      sneak around with oil barrels, drop them near mages, initiate fight with a boom and knock down the robot - mages will burn on their second turn

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