Spider Queen is a level 14 Boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

Spider Queen

Spider Queen


Level 14
Difficulty Normal
Location Luculla Forest

Combat Mechanics

Classic Mode

  • The Queen can lay eggs (4 AP) that hatch 1-2 turns later.
  • The Queen can use a poisonous meteor attack (5 AP) or wide melee attacks.
  • She also summons red spiderlings that explode upon death.

Tactician Mode

  • The Spider Queen weaves a web of poison. It places 3 points, according to your character's locations. Once the 3rd Point is placed, the whole shape is filled with a poisonous cloud.
  • The Queen can also blow up Red Spiderlings from a distance if they are close to a player.


Tips & Tricks

  • Approach solo with a character with Pet Pal and 5 Charisma to play the minigame to remain peaceful (7,875 XP) but she will attack if anyone else approaches.
  • Stay spread out so her initial poison AOE attack doesn't hit multiple characters. She gives 7,875 XP upon death, her spiderlings give no experience.

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    • Anonymous

      I used a lot of urnes to box her in, it confused the hell out of her, duringe the dialog i used another caracter to box her in and createt a bomb Skeleton to Keeper her Company for the fight and the pyramides to leave the box befor the fight

      • Anonymous

        If you persuade and remain peaceful with the queen, two sand huntresses(spiders) will aid you during the fight against Mangoth. They will take most of the aggro from deamons as they are spawned close to each other, making the fight quite easy as player party can freely take off Mangoth at the middle of the room.

        • Anonymous

          Wtf? I tried to talk to the spider queen with a lone character with 5 charisma, and it gave me the diolog options for charm, intimidate, reason, I chose charm, the spider queen said I could pass through, but when the diolog ended she attacked me!!!

          • Anonymous

            Tips and Tricks is blank so here we go: use master abilities, gg. I downed her in 2-3 turns with flurry, meteor shower and markman's cone ability which hits every arrow thanks to her large hitbox. Too easy, such a shame.

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